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holistic sleep

Holistic Sleep Coaching takes a multi-dimensional approach to infant sleep and uses evidenced based knowledge to optimise sleep without leaving babies to cry or using any harsh non-responsive behavioural approaches.

"My approach is holistic, gentle and responsive, grounded in infant sleep science and most importantly, sustainable as your child’s sleep needs evolve."

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I am here to help you and your family get all the healthy sleep you need.

I offer a FREE 15 minute phone call for anyone.

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Kia ora, I am Karla.

I am so glad you are here.

I am an Internationally Board
Certified Lactation Consultant, Certified Holistic Sleep Coach,

Child Health & Development Registered Nurse and Mother.

Practicing as a responsive & connection based baby sleep consultant, I pride myself on creating long term solutions and educating my clients to understand their babies unique needs and how their biological sleep works.

With clients here locally in New Zealand and Internationally. I can assist your family with infant/child development, breastfeeding/bottle support, progressing onto solids, safe sleeping & co-sleeping, colic & reflux guidance and much more. 

I stand alongside your family and take an holistic approach as issues with sleep are multifaceted.

I promote connection and give you knowledge not opinions. 

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Baby Wrapped in Blanket

Gentle Sleep

Almost all baby sleep training has the concept of teaching our babies to self-soothe. 

Babies are biologically unable to self-soothe, they need their caregivers to co-regulate their emotions.

I practice on science based evidence with a unique approach to all of my families.


Holistic Sleep Coaching is not based on opinions but embedded in the most recent evidence of infant sleep science and child development.

Mother Holding Baby Finger

Coaching Program

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, confused & guilty about the way you are "expected" to parent your baby to sleep?

Are you feeling the pressure to "sleep train" your baby or you have tried "sleep training" & it's not right for your family? 

But you don't know what else to do?

I'm here for YOU & that's why I have created this unique LIFETIME access Coaching Program.

When you understand the "Why's" in baby sleep & combine them with what your baby's sleep needs are, THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC IS!


Let's Chat

I am here to help you and your family get all the healthy sleep you need.

I offer a FREE 15 minute phone call for anyone.

Enter your details below and I will be in contact soon.


Rosie & luca

Rosie & Luca

"Karla has helped me learn

that there is no 'normal' when it comes to baby sleep and helped me

feel more relaxed about sleep while still giving practical, useful advice to help gently guide my boy into a pattern that is more sustainable for

all of us."

Colin & Charlie

Charlie & Colin

Karla’s knowledge and

experience gave us the tools to manage the nights which made for better days and a great relationship for my baby, myself and my husband. I went from feeling like a tired anxious failure of a mother to a confident rested mama and actually enjoying motherhood.

Nikita and fergus

Nikita & Fergus

Karla educated us about Fergus' sleep needs and how these can be so different between different babies. With this knowledge and Karla's 100% support, we were able to make educated choices that aligned with our sleep expectations and we finally all began to get some well deserved sleep.

Sleeping Baby

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