Are you in need of a better nights sleep?
The first step to a better nights sleep is only 15 mins away!
The benefits to you joining me on that 15min call are:
  • you will benefit of years of hands on experience with families
  • get access to my knowledge in infant sleep science & child development
  • you will get the reassurance you are looking for & get your questions answered
  • gentle & responsive approaches that you can try immediately
  • we could possibly solve your sleep issue within this call
  • If there is a more complex sleep situation we can talk about how best I can support you 

I'm here to help your family get all the healthy sleep you need.

If your struggling with your baby or child's sleep, then you have come to the right place.

No cry it out, attachment based gentle solutions to your sleep problems for babies, toddlers & children up to aged 6yrs. 

I have been where you are and I know how hard it is to try to function on little or no sleep.


Gentle Responsive Attachment Parenting Support

"Does the thought of sleep training your baby go against every fibre in your being?"

Well let me tell you, there is another way....

I'm an Internationally Certified Holistic Sleep Coach, supporting families both locally in New Zealand & Internationally. I practice very differently in the baby sleep space, in that I take a more Holistic & Integrated approach to sleep.

Holistic Sleep Coaching is not based on opinions but embedded in the most recent evidence of infant sleep science & child development

Your child's sleep is primarily driven by biology, development & the environment. All aspects of your child's life, parenting styles & your wellbeing, need to be taken into account in addressing any sleep issue.

No "one size fits all here". It's just not sustainable.