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holistic sleep

Holistic Sleep Coaching takes a multi-dimensional approach to infant sleep and uses evidenced based knowledge to optimise sleep without leaving babies to cry or using any harsh non-responsive behavioural approaches.

"My approach is holistic, gentle and responsive, grounded in infant sleep science and most importantly, sustainable as your child’s sleep needs evolve."

Kia ora, I am Karla.

I am so glad you are here.

I am an Internationally Certified Holistic Sleep Coach, Well-Child Nurse, Registered Nurse and Mother.

Practicing as an attachment based baby sleep consultant, I pride myself on creating long term solutions and educating my clients to understand their babies unique needs and how their biological sleep works.

With clients here locally in New Zealand and Internationally. I can assist your family with infant/child development, breastfeeding/bottle support, progressing onto solids, safe sleeping & co-sleeping, colic & reflux guidance and much more. 

I stand alongside your family and take an holistic approach as issues with sleep are multifaceted.

I promote connection and give you knowledge not opinions. 

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Gentle Sleep

Almost all baby sleep training has the concept of teaching our babies to self-soothe. 

Babies are biologically unable to self-soothe, they need their caregivers to co-regulate their emotions.

I practice on science based evidence with a unique approach to all of my families.


Holistic Sleep Coaching is not based on opinions but embedded in the most recent evidence of infant sleep science and child development.

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Surviving to Thriving

I created this program to help empower Mamas in the transition into Motherhood & empower Mamas intuition in mothering. 

My course includes baby massage, colic relief, safe & sound responsive sleep, navigating infant communication, honouring each motherhood transition, empowering all feeding journeys, building parental confidence all in a safe, non-judgemental space.

My course is held out of the Flow Wellbeing centre in Fitzgerald Ave, Christchurch.

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Nurture to 
Sleep Program

A unique online sleep coaching programme where you learn & understand the fundamentals of your child's sleep.

The programme also includes group coaching calls with me, a private facebook community with support from other gentle like minded parents. 

Program launching early August. Book your discovery phone call to ensure we are the right fit for your sleep needs today! 


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Zoe, Hamilton

I feel so glad to have stumbled across Karla. She is the only sleep consultant in New Zealand that I would trust to never suggest separation or cry based strategies. She is truly gentle, not a wolf in sheep’s clothing like many others.

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Karla offered us fantastic support for our daughter's sleep after weeks of sleepless nights & feeling stuck. Karla was respectful of our parenting style and our values for how we wanted to achieve more sleep, something we felt very strongly about.

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Karla came to the rescue she has such gentle and kind approach she shows empathy and compassion and she fully backs me on what I believe. She isn't bossy or dismissive she listens and understands me even in my sleep deprived state.