What is The Nurturing Touch Approach?

​My approach to infant/child sleep is gentle, responsive and holistic.
In practice I stand alongside families, offer suggestions and different approaches to try. Helping families to be more confident and empowered as their baby’s expert.

I take a wide holistic view of the family because issues with sleep are multifaceted. I look for long term solutions, not a quick fix.

I never, ever leave babies to cry, initiate schedules or strict feeding/sleep times, or a one size fits all approach.

I look for underlying issues, play to strengths and help parents to author their own family goals according to their families’ values.

I also help parents tap into support networks and refer to the most suitable professionals when babies need specialist input.

Nurturing Approach is from education, completing my own professional development, I have currency in reputable research, and I practice from knowledge not opinions. 



“I promote responsiveness, gentleness, attachment, awareness and connection.”



Infant sleep science tells us that babies do not need to be trained to sleep. Sleep is a homeostatic biological function that is determined by development, not according to a schedule. Modern approaches can put unrealistic expectations and stress on babies with how much sleep society believes they should be having. Every human person, young or old, has different sleep needs to the next person, so why does modern day approaches to a baby's sleep, expect babies to all have the same sleep needs? This can make parents feel defeated, anxious, consumed by getting their baby to sleep or they might even feel responsible for not getting their baby to sleep so many hours a day like they have been told they should. And while this fixation with sleep is happening, parents could be missing out on the wonders of their baby and making strong connections and bonds.

"Holistic Sleep Coaching is a Family Lead Approach, that is Grounded in Infant Sleep Science and Child Development."

This is me ......

Mother and Baby

"I can proudly call myself a Holistic Sleep Coach and I'm the only one in New Zealand."


Holistic Sleep Coaching takes a multi-dimensional approach to infant sleep and uses evidenced based knowledge to optimise sleep without leaving babies to cry or using any harsh non-responsive behavioural approaches.


As a Holistic Sleep Coach my knowledge is academically certified and I have current and relevant experience, to safely practice in the area of infant/child sleep."

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