(for babies 4mths to 18mths)


Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, confused & guilty about the way you are "expected" to parent your baby to sleep?

I embarked on a journey of research ….. 45hrs of research talking to AUS/NZ Mum’s about what they thought was missing in the baby sleep space & what they were looking for in regard to their baby’s sleep. Apart from obviously getting sleep….. their feedback was real-time professional support, evidenced-based education & understanding the "WHY'S"  and not being so overwhelmed!

We all know parenting is hard… So I created a unique "high touch" online coaching program. This program has been designed for tired parents with the help of fellow tired parents. I launched a demo version of this program earlier in the year & with the help of some amazing families I have created my final version for you to join!

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Image by Nathan Dumlao

For Your Investment:

- 2 Weekly group coaching calls with me +"Hot Seat" 1:1 with me during those calls 

- Private Facebook community of like-minded responsive parenting families + I'm there too

- Learn to responsively parent your child to sleep with more confidence

- Self-led, short, easy to digest educational videos & resources to learn about biologically normal sleep

- Lifetime access (that's right, no end date)

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This Program:

- Is designed for ages 4 months to 18 months

- You will learn to troubleshoot to optimise yours and your child's sleep

- No sleep training strategies offered, EVER

- You can achieve more ease & predictability in your day

- Learn to empower your intuition

- Learn at your pace, watch short videos while still enjoying parent life

- Easy to follow educational platform

- Build parental confidence 


Have more energy & presence in your parenting, understand YOUR baby's sleep needs & stop focusing on sleep, TODAY.


To join this program requires a short zoom call with me first. This way I can ensure we are the right fit for your sleep needs.  

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"Before beginning the Nurture to Sleep Coaching Program I was constantly see-sawing between trusting my instincts and doubting myself. I was worried that if I didn’t sleep train my baby I would be setting us up for failure because independent sleep seems to be the goal in the parenting. 

The coaching program helped me shift my mindset by educating me about infant sleep which gave me confidence to parent to sleep in a way that felt instinctively right for me. I’ve gone from doubting myself and stressing about sleep to feeling relaxed and confident in what I’m doing. I also feel much more in tune and connected to my baby. 

My message to all mamas who are feeling lost or conflicted when it comes to their child’s sleep would be to block out the noise and trust your instincts. I would highly recommend the coaching program to help you understand infant sleep." 

- Brooke, Nurture to Sleep Program