About Me

I'm Karla, I'm the founder of Nurturing Touch & I'm glad your here. I have been where you are. 

My Journey...I'm a mother of 2, I survived in a fog of sleep deprivation, confusion, anxiety & I struggled to enjoy motherhood. When your in that exhausted state your think to yourself "This can't it, right?"

I struggled with breastfeeding both children from the start. Any support and knowledge around me was conflicting & often just didn't work or made things worse. I had a baby who was a reluctant napper, who woke multiple times in the night & was then difficult to settle. I just felt exhausted all the time. I struggled with my own personal traumatic birth experience, which impacted the way I connected with my babies & also how I viewed myself. I had a limited village of support around me & often felt isolated in my mothering journey. I remember very clearly how that time in my life felt & I wished for a better solution for my baby's sleep

You are here today probably searching for that same sleep solution...let me tell you, your not alone in this. I can help you step out of the exhaustion fog & get that blissful nights sleep you so desperately need.

"How would it feel to understand how sleep works & to meet your baby's sleep needs everyday without

fuss or confusion?"

In early parenting, we do the best we can with the information/guidance we have at the time. We are often overwhelmed with advice from all directions about how our baby SHOULD be sleeping. The foundations of this advice is not always based in science, tends to be more opinion based and not in the best interests of us or our babies. 

I'm here to tell you there is an alternative way to a blissful nights sleep without feeling like sleeping training is your only option. A way where you don't have to go against your inner voice or natural parenting instinct and leave your baby to cry or learn to "self-soothe" overnight. A way that will make you feel more confident & empowered in your approach in understanding your baby's nap needs in the day, without being trapped & stressed at home in strict napping schedules. A solution to multiple wake ups at night that does not involve long crying sessions and unsettled behaviour that leaves you exhausted and overwhelmed.  

I offer sleep solutions that are tailored to your baby/child's individual developmental & biological needs, whilst ensuring your wellbeing and family lifestyle values are met. My approach is holistic, gentle & responsive, grounded in infant sleep science & sustainable.


Karla supported us with feeding, understanding our little mans fussy behaviours, and gentle sleep settling techniques. Karla reassured us as first time parents which has certainly built our confidence and I wouldn't hesitate to contact Karla again. Karla has a wealth of knowledge and I can see that she is responsive to the individual needs of each family.
- Ashleigh & Dion 

Qualifications & Professional Development

  • Registered Nurse 25 years

  • Postgraduate Certificate (Masters Level Papers, A+) - Well Child Tamariki Ora Nursing

  • Certified Holistic Sleep Coach - (Bachelor Level Paper, OCN level 5 UK (14 modules, 20 speakers) Evidenced Based Science of Infant Sleep, Feeding & Behaviour, Attachment Focused and Family Lead Postnatal Support - newborn to 6yrs old

  • Certified International Association of Infant Massage Instructor - IAIM

  • Attended Introductory Masterclass & Workshops - Dr Pamela Douglas - Breastfeeding, Cry/Fuss Problems, Sleep Issues, Maternal Mental Health Support

  • Training & Assessment for Adult Education, Certificate, 2015

  • Currently Studying for Exam 2020 - IBCLC Lactation Consultant

  • Conferences - LeLache League NZ Conference 2018, Canterbury Breastfeeding Hui 2018 & 2019, Home Birth Canterbury Conference 2019 & Presented at the LCANZ Conference 2019.

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