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No Longer OfferingSleep Packages....
Because sleep is constantly changing & parents need ongoing support when they need it. Not constrained to a 3wk time frame, right? 

Plus parents need a far better value for money way to access support, in this cost of living crisis.
That's why I created the Nurture to Sleep Coaching Program, with no time frames to access support & no end dates.

Want to know more?
See below for more deatils....


Nurture to Sleep Coaching Program
Sleep support when parents need it, that is ongoing with no end dates.

Mum with children and laptop

Nurture to Sleep Coaching Program
Doors Are Open Now!!!!

  • Want a gentle sleep coach in your pocket?

  • What about lifetime access to support daily/weekly?                                                                         No End Dates to Sleep Support!!

We all know your baby's sleep is constantly changing & naps and bedtimes can feel like they always need adjusting. 

Say GOOD-BYE to "In the moment Sleep Packages"!!

Do you want unlimited access to support for all your children when sleep issues arise?

Do you want evidenced based education for ages up to 18 months old & beyond?

Are you looking for Toddler Sleep Support?


Program Includes -

  • Self-led, easy to digest educational troubleshooting videos.

  • Community support via private Facebook group.

  • 2 weekly group coaching calls with me - whenever you need me.

  • Resources, links & downloads.

  • Lifetime access to everything - That's right! No end date..

Mother with children

Confidence Chit Chat 

30 minutes zoom call

Suitable for ages up to 4 years old.

  • This is ideal for those families seeking reassurance that how your baby is sleeping is “normal” & how you can get better quality sleep as a result.

  • You might be needing some confidence in your approach to change something up for their baby’s sleep OR needing some quick tips/ideas about how to put steps into place.

  • This call is perfect for those families who are wanting ideas/info about topics like false starts, split nights, separation anxiety, nap timings & general behaviour questions.

  • This call is not for families with more complex sleep situations/goals that need more time to unpack and are at the point of a sleep crisis.

  • This booking has no sleep diary to complete/prior knowledge of your situation, no follow up/email summaries provided from our call & your own notes will need to be taken.

  [Price includes GST 15%]

On completion of purchase at checkout, you will recieve an email (please check in your junk box) with a link to book your time directly with me.

Young Family

Troubleshooting Power Hour

60 mins Zoom Call

Suitable for ages up to 4 years old.

  • This 60min call is ideal for those families with a specific sleep challenge that needs a little more time to unpack & to work towards making getting better quality sleep more sustainable for their family situation.

  • This comes with a comprehensive 3 day sleep day to be completed before the call & this sleep diary will be thoroughly reviewed in time for our call.

  • In this call we will review the sleep diary, red flags will be highlighted, deeper questioning about the sleep situation will be undertaken, suggested responsive and age appropriate approaches will be offered (never any sleep training strategies given..ever), planned approach will be discussed and the call will finish with a planned approach in place.

  • No follow up/email summaries are provided from this call and your own notes need to be taken.

  [Price includes GST 15%]

On completion of purchase at checkout, you will receive an email (please check in your junk box) with a link to book your time directly with me.

It will also include a link to the sleep diary which will need to be completed over 3 days & returned to me 24hrs before our call so I can review thoroughly. 

Newborn Baby with Mom

3wk 1:1 Holistic Sleep Package

Suitable for ages up to 4 years old.

Addressing all sleep concerns & unsustainable sleep situations. 


My approach also takes into account feeding/solids needs (I'm an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant) & developmental needs (I'm a current Child Health & Development Registered Nurse).

When I look at sleep I look "Holistically" with my highly qualified eye, as there are many factors that can impact your little ones sleep. 


Adjusting your little ones sleep can take time when we are respectful and responsive to your littles ones needs. Time is also needed to address your goals as a parent when it comes to sleep.

This package provides you and your baby time to make the appropriate changes needed to optimise sleep for the entire family. Understanding what works best for your unique baby, needs a period of learning & of trying different approaches that are age, stage & temperamentally appropriate for your little one. 


This three week package includes:

  • Full 3-5 day sleep/feeding/medical history comprehensive  diary review.

  • Initial 60 minute recorded zoom call (so much better than a written plan) to discuss diary review and create a bespoke stepped plan.

  • Follow up recorded 2 x 45 minute zoom calls booked across the 3 weeks.

  • 3 weeks on WhatsApp support (within business hours).

  • Plus any written or video resources/links appropriate to your situation.

  • PLUS a 20% discount to join the Nurture to Sleep Coaching Program (unlimited lifetime support) because sleep continues to change.        (valid within 4 weeks of this package ending).

  • Home Visit Option (Christchurch & Canterbury area) - + one off $259 for home visits within 3wk package. 

  • Plus added travel costs if outside 20km round trip from CBD -$0.89 per km (first 20km return is FREE)

  • Additional week/s support & zoom calls are available - discounted price for current clients                                                              

  [Price includes GST 15%]

On completion of purchase at checkout, you will receive an email (please check in your junk box) with a link to book your time directly with me.

It will also include a link to the sleep diary which will need to be completed over 3 days & returned to me 24hrs before our call so I can review thoroughly. 

I offer FREE 15 minute phone calls to discuss your current sleep situation. It is also a great opportunity to learn more about my sleep support options. 

"This is more than a business for me, it's part of who I am. I am definitely touching deeply on how I felt as a Mum, completely lost with no friggin idea & no community or network. So all I do comes from a deeper place." - Karla
Karla sleep consultant working
Karla Home Page.png

I have witnessed incredible transformations with baby sleep that comes from understanding "what's normal" baby biological sleep, not what social media & well meaning people around us are saying. Together with having realistic expectations for sleep by age, learning to tune into your baby's unique sleep needs & leaning into the fact that baby sleep is a moving target, will reduce the immense overwhelm, guilt, confusion and anxiety about your baby's sleep.

I am currently offering affordable ways for families to get the support they need on their sleep journey. 

Above are two options offered via zoom. 30 minute confidence chit chat or 60 min troubleshoot. 

Please refer to either package for more details to see which one best fits your current sleep situation. Or email me for further clarification.

Or book a FREE  Right Fit call to discuss your situation.

If you would like to join my community of like-minded families all on a similar sleep journey offered alongside my education platform, please head to the Coaching Program page to book a free discovery call. 

Sleep well, Karla xx

As a lactation consultant, the care Karla provide's is a world apart from the cookie cutter advice from “sleep consultants”.

The Nurturing touch approach protects the dyad nature of the parent/child bond. It is respectful of parents’ needs as well as the child’s development. 

And for breastfeeding mothers, the Nurturing Touch approach is particularly vital. So much of the standard sleep consultant advice leads to poor weight gain, drop in milk production, mastitis, and a host of other feeding issues. But most parents won’t make a connection between these “lactation failures” and the faulty sleep advice. Thank you, Karla, for bringing evidence-based sleep support and education to New Zealand! We’re lucky to have your voice.

TLC Theresa Lactation Consultant, Auckland

“Karla supported us with feeding, understanding our little mans fussy behaviours, and gentle sleep settling techniques. Karla reassured us as first time parents which has certainly built our confidence and I wouldn't hesitate to contact Karla again. Karla has a wealth of knowledge and I can see that she is responsive to the individual needs of each family."

Ashleigh & Dion 

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