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Troubleshooting Power Hour

On completion of purchase at checkout, you will recieve an email (please check in your junk box) with a link to book your time directly with me. It will also include a link to the sleep diary which will need to be completed over 3 days & returned to me before our call so I can review. 


  • This 60min call is ideal for those families with a specific sleep challenge that needs a little more time to unpack & to work towards making getting better quality sleep more sustainable for their family situation.
  • This comes with a comprehensive 3 day sleep day to be completed before the call & this sleep diary will be thoroughly reviewed in time for our call.
  • In this call we will review the sleep diary, red flags will be highlighted, deeper questioning about the sleep situation will be undertaken, suggested responsive and age appropriate approaches will be offered (never any sleep training strategies given..ever), planned approach will be discussed and the call will finish with a planned approach in place.
  • No follow up/email summaries are provided from this call and your own notes need to be taken.

Troubleshooting Power Hour

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