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I will continue to build this area as I believe this is a great way for parents to gain knowledge and understanding around their baby's needs. 


I am passionate about offering those parents searching for an attachment & evidenced based approach to the way they are wanting to parent, with a heavy focus on instinctual, gentle & responsive approaches to their baby's sleep, which society & so called "experts" are training parents to ignore. The information I share with families is high quality peer-reviewed explanations about what is biologically normal baby behaviour and what is a realistic expectation when it comes to supporting our babies sleep.

As a result my families feel empowered & less overwhelmed in their way of parenting & they have a deeper understanding of their baby's unique physical, cognitive, emotional needs & can better navigate the ever changing stages of developmental progression.

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'The Essential Baby Colic Relief Guide'

How to provide relief from colic without hours of crying.
Understand the 6 causes of baby colic with practical strategies to provide relief to your colicky baby.


What can help is understanding from your baby's perspective what's going on with colic and what you can practically do to support them through it, using evidence-based and up-to-date tools – not old-school opinions.


Learn what colic is in babies, allergies, causes of colic, trapped gas and stress response along with practical strategies.


You will find bonus videos included inside the eBook.

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