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Welcome to my new eBook area!

I will continue to build this area as I believe this is a great way for parents to gain knowledge and understanding around their baby's needs. 


I am passionate about offering those parents searching for an attachment & evidenced based approach to the way they are wanting to parent, with a heavy focus on instinctual, gentle & responsive approaches to their baby's sleep, which society & so called "experts" are training parents to ignore. The information I share with families is high quality peer-reviewed explanations about what is biologically normal baby behaviour and what is a realistic expectation when it comes to supporting our babies sleep.

As a result my families feel empowered & less overwhelmed in their way of parenting & they have a deeper understanding of their baby's unique physical, cognitive, emotional needs & can better navigate the ever changing stages of developmental progression.

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Or 6 weekly interest free payments from $8.17 with                     what's this?

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Or 6 weekly interest free payments from $4.83 with                     what's this?

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'The Essential Baby Colic Relief Guide'

How to provide relief from colic without hours of crying.
Understand the 6 causes of baby colic with practical strategies to provide relief to your colicky baby.


What can help is understanding from your baby's perspective what's going on with colic and what you can practically do to support them through it, using evidence-based and up-to-date tools – not old-school opinions.


Learn what colic is in babies, allergies, causes of colic, trapped gas and stress response along with practical strategies.


You will find bonus videos included inside the eBook.

Also a special BONUS offer - receive a short guide to 'Nurturing the 4th trimester' via email.

(this full eBook is also available to purchase.)

Please make sure you check your spam/junk box in case the eBook is emailed there.

'Nurturing the 4th Trimester with Karla'

Not just any old 28 paged eBook!!
What tired mama has time to read a multiple page "guide book"!!

So I have included 2 video Masterclasses (EXCLUSIVE SNEEK PEEK from my Nurture to Sleep Coaching Program Platform) talking about realistic expectations for your baby's sleep in 4th trimester, with proven strategies to try to improve the quality of sleep + exploring if your baby is a Self Soother or Signaller when it comes to sleep, then how to troubleshoot with this knowledge.
These masterclasses ALONE will be a game changer for new parents.

I have put together a complete guide on navigating your baby's sleep in the 4th trimester sleep.

I am hoping to push through the societal noise of sleep training and support Parents who want to be responsive.  


With 9 chapters you will learn what is biologically normal and expected. What will sleep look like? How sleep looks and how to regulate it?  

Night waking and feeding, why babies wake and understanding sleep cycles. 

Mindset shifts for responsive sleep. Coping strategies for dealing with low sleep.

Is your baby a self-soother or signaller? The 'witching hour' and what is that all about?  

And much more... you will also receive practical strategies on the above topics alongside videos covering your baby's sleep.

BONUS!!! My Cat Napping Guide & Checklist is also included in this bundle which is BRAND NEW & never been shared before!
So if you are stuck "nap trapped" and/or your baby will only nap 15-30mins, in this checklist I will explain what could be going on here & how to adjust the nap.

After purchase please make sure you check your spam/junk box in case the eBook is emailed there.

"Thank you for your constant support and knowledge, we couldn't have made it this far without you. Thank you for recognizing when I needed help and doing everything to make sure I got it.

Amanda, Ollie & Teddy

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