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3wk Holistic Sleep Package

This package is ideal for ages up to 3yrs. Addressing all sleep concerns & unsustainable sleep situations. 

My approach also takes into account feeding/solids needs (I'm a Lactation Consultant Student) & developmental needs (current Child Health & Developemnt Registered Nurse).

When I look at sleep I look "Holistically" with my highly qualified eye, as there are many factors that can impact your little ones sleep. 


Adjusting your little ones sleep can take time when we are respectful and responsive to your littles ones needs. Time is also needed to address your goals as a parent when it comes to sleep.


So this package provides you and your baby time to make the appropraite changes needed to optimise sleep for the entire family. Understanding what works best for your unique baby, needs a period of learning & of trying different approaches that are age, stage & temperamentally appropraite for your little one. 


This 3 wk package includes:

-  Full 3 day sleep/feeding/medical historycomprehensive  diary review

-  Inital 60min recorded zoom call (so much better than a written plan) to discuss diary review and create a besoke stepped plan 

-  Follow up recorded 2x45min zoom calls over the 3wks

- 3wks on WhatsApp support (within business hours)

-  Plus any written or video resources/links appropraite to your situation

-  PLUS a 20% discount to join the Nurture to Sleep Coaching Program (unlimited lifetime support) because sleep change is ongoing, right? (within 4wks of this package ending)


[Price includes GST 15%]

3wk Holistic Sleep Package

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