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Confidence Chit Chat

On completion of purchase at checkout, you will recieve an email (please check in your junk box) with a link to book your time directly with me.


  • This is ideal for those families seeking reassurance that how your baby is sleeping is “normal” & how you can get better quality sleep as a result.
  • You might be needing some confidence in your approach to change something up for their baby’s sleep OR needing some quick tips/ideas about how to put steps into place.
  • This call is perfect for those families who are wanting ideas/info about topics like false starts, split nights, separation anxiety, nap timings & general behaviour questions.
  • This call is not for families with more complex sleep situations/goals that need more time to unpack and are at the point of a sleep crisis.
  • This booking has no sleep diary to complete/prior knowledge of your situation, no follow up/email summaries provided from our call & your own notes will need to be taken.


[Price includes GST 15%]

Confidence Chit Chat

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