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The Truth about BedSharing......

Bed sharing can be dangerously done but is it still ok or accurate even to say “bed sharing is dangerous!” If the risk factors that are highlighted in research are identified in a family situation then educating and discussing with the family WHY bed sharing may not be safe in their current situation is far more holistic in our care and respectful to the family than a a blanket “no bed sharing is not safe”.

Bed sharing is not the best or safest option for every family situation but not talking about it, not educating about specific risk factors highlighted in research or supporting the family to run their own risk assessment is not engaging or empowering families to make the right decisions for the way they want to parent.

In my practice, I refer to the research both local and international in relation to bed sharing and if there are risk factors highlighted I will discuss with the family WHY these are risk factors in their situation and therefore discuss a safer way to have baby close and connect with baby while you sleep. I never take risks in this situation but I’m not delivering a blanket “no bed sharing is not safe” without viewing my private families situation holistically.


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