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What is Sleep Hygiene?

Embracing Summer and all that comes with it, the extended daylight and warmer nights open up extended time outdoors with friends and family, but it also brings sleep challenges. 

I have spoken to many families in the last few weeks who have really struggled to support their babies and toddlers to settle for bed at their usual time and/or have had increased night waking, due to these high overnight temperatures. 

Adapting to a more flexible evening rhythm or flow, including adjusting bedtime temporarily to a later time, can support a smoother transition to bed. Some families find it helpful for their baby to have a short power nap in the afternoon to help their little one make it to the later bedtime. Having more time outdoors in the evening is a great option here, reducing the anxiety & stress that can occur by trying to stick to a strict bedtime when it’s still so warm out. It’s not forever…there will be cooler days/nights ahead, to wind that bedtime back again.

Many babies who are used to sleeping in sleep sacks are finding them too hot and irritating to sleep in. When we are hot and trying to sleep, we need airflow and lighter covers that are easy to navigate on those sticky nights. Being confined to a sleep sack could be one reason why your little one is waking more frequently.  So take a closer look at the TOG system (Thermal Overall Grade)  for your child’s sleep sack and how it relates to a warmer room temperature. 

But, temperature is only one factor that could be increasing night waking for your little one. 

Have you heard of Sleep Hygiene? 

Sleep hygiene has nothing to do with how often you change the bedsheets! Sleep hygiene refers to the habits, behaviours and practises that people undertake prior to going to sleep.

Whether or not a person has good sleep hygiene can affect the quantity of sleep for better or worse. An evening rhythm, a bedtime routine and the sleep environment are all important factors not just for our babies but also for us as adults.

Explore and educate yourself around this hot topic with my free guide on Sleep Hygiene. Head to the free guides section on my website and download yours today!

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