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Mothering Knowledge.....

We as mothers have had our inner motherhood knowledge & intuition suppressed by others for too long.

Over the past decades we as mothers have been encouraged to turn outward to society and to others to dictate how we "mother" our babies. As a result we have more unsettled babies in the community and higher numbers of mothers with anxiety in the postnatal period. This general outward approach to mothering is clearly not working! And its definitely not in the best interests of either the mother or the baby.

So how do we reclaim that inner knowledge and Intuition?

We start at the beginning....we start with the relationship and connection between you and your baby.

Leave everything else at the door.....

Be guided and educated on normal baby behaviour & development, be educated with current peer reviewed research on sleep, feeding & sensory nourishment, build a relationship with your baby through touch and massage and feel empowered in finding your own path in parenting your baby, that is baby led and draws on your individual intuition & mothering knowledge.

Time for a change?

Need a different approach that is not prescriptive, scheduled OR instructs you to teach your baby to be independent in all things sleep & settling before they are developmentally able?

Reach out for a chat today & lets tap back into that inner mothering knowledge that's screaming to be heard.


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