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"How many Baby Books do you have??"

Hey, how many "Baby Books" do you have right now in your home? A few right? Some books you bought and others a friend gave to you because it worked amazingly well for their baby's sleep and feeding issues. How often do you find yourself trapped at 2am in the facebook cycle of multiple pages opened featuring "Baby Experts OR Baby Gurus" who know's exactly what your doing wrong with your baby, what you need to do to fix it & this can all be done simply in a few days.... Do you have well meaning family members and friends who are always offering advice that "worked for my baby" OR "this is what worked in my day"? Confused yet? You should be. These are all very common situations for many of the families I support and you know what, that was me too when my children were babies. I get It.

Here's an experiment to try today - What if you put the books in a dark corner, closed Facebook/Instagram & Google, turned the phone off for a bit and for the next 24hrs be present with your baby, no matter where they are at. Take the pressure of yourself to parent a certain way and mother the way your baby is asking to be mothered. Keep your baby close, connect through touch, engage and giggle together, get outside and get some sensory nourishment, take naps when your baby's pressure to do so occurs, feed on demand and let your baby feed to sleep. Even if you have a toddler to navigate as well as your new baby, you can still experiment with some of these approaches. Then tomorrow look back on the day you had with your baby and what the outcomes were for that day... Do you feel less stressed? Did you both have a better nights sleep? Was there less overall crying time for your baby? Are you looking forward to today as a result of the experiment yesterday? Are you feeling less confused and overwhelmed about how you are going to mother your baby? Try using your intuition to mother your baby today and leave the baby experts, social expectations & online forums at the door.


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