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Debunking Myths - "Feed, Play, Sleep" Routines

Debunking Myths - "You need to get your baby onto a FEED, PLAY, SLEEP routine so your baby is not falling asleep after feeding and we need encourage them to fall asleep on their own".

This is why we have so many families feeling stressed and confused about what their baby is doing. By following this approach we are breaking the millennia of evolution that connects a baby to it's mother and the ability to naturally promote sleep to be taken when the hormonal sleep pressure is high enough.

By thinking we are some how smarter than the neurohormonal activities within our babies and the complex synchrony between a mother and baby, we are truly causing unnecessary stress and anxiety for all mother/baby pairs.

So this where the Sleep Training paradigm enters your room......we need to take control of the situation right?

NO! We need to hold our babies longer, feed to sleep, responsively attend to our babies, sleep with them close and ultimately re-connect with our babies.

Research now tells us the more we have physical contact with our babies in this connected way, we build confidence in our connection with our babies, decrease crying times, improve sleep for all and ultimately encourage health mental health for our babies and into their adult life.

Rethink your connection with your baby and possibly we as the adults need to re-frame our approach to the care of babies & not demand unrealistic non-biological behaviours from our babies.


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