Suitable from Birth to 16 weeks old


Package Includes:

Zoom Calls or Home Visits

Four Weeks Support



The Fourth Trimester for the mother & baby pair is a very sacred time and needs to be protected. It is a time of recovery, bonding, intense emotional feelings & adjustment. Your baby is still very immature in regards to cognitive & physical development and they need the 4th trimester to adjust to life outside the womb. 

This is the time to let go of "the shoulds" & "the must do's" & retreat to focus just on you and meeting the needs of your baby. I can give you the tools & knowledge to have a nurtured & empowering fourth trimester with your baby, whatever this looks like for your family. I'm here to be the one consistent source of support & guidance in a time that can feel overwhelming with too much advice.

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Parents with Newborn Baby

This package can be tailor made to meet the needs of your fourth trimester goals and those values of your family. Topics I can support you with include but not limited to: infant development, normal infant sleep & what to expect, breastfeeding & bottle feeding support, colic & reflux guidance, settling techniques, understanding baby communication or cues, safe sleeping & co-sleeping, supporting Dad during this time, finding a gentle rhythm to your day & nurturing self care for you in the post natal period. 

What's Included:

  • Before our meeting you will complete a questionnaire of your journey thus far with your baby, as well as a three day sleep/food diary so I can gain a more holistic understanding of your experience & family dynamics

  • Up to three hours of hands on support & education either via home visit(s) and/or video call(s)

  • Four weeks digital support via email only (upgrade to include more frequent messenger contact, please enquire)

  • Mutually agreed upon comprehensive summary (email) of our approach after every visit or video call

  • Throughout the four weeks there is ample time for questions and adjustments to agreed approaches 

If you choose to purchase this sleep package, you will receive an email from me with the next step (please check your spam folder).

I was struggling so much with my son William's sleep since he was born. (now 6months) We had the odd period of good sleeping stints overnight and day napping and I thought it would eventually get better and better

How I was so wrong as the 4month mark hit is and almost swallowed me hole. Constant wakes, terrible day naps a grumpy grizzly baby . I was lost sleep deprived and had started doubting myself as a mother. I had heard it all.......

"he's playing you" "you have to let him cry it out" or "are you sure he's not hungry, maybe you should put him on formula" (exclusively Breast feed baby here) I am a single mother with no baby daddy in sight and a family that lives away so I was desperate to figure out why my son wouldn't sleep and stay asleep, why and how was this so hard. My back was aching with all the rocking and there was no doubt I DID NOT believe anything anyone was trying to tell me anymore, it did not sit well in my heart or soul.

Then Karla came to the rescue she has such gentle and kind approach she shows empathy and compassion and she fully backs me on what I believe. She isn't bossy or dismissive she listens and understands me even in my sleep deprived state.

Karla has not only helped William and myself with sleep and a given us a massive tool box of new tips and skills. She has empowered me as a mother and got me back on track

Karla has taken the time to get to know us both on a personal level and made a personalized plan for us. She has given me ongoing support via txt and messenger and she has been a massive positive influence in our lives. I am forever greatful for her help and I highly recommend her to everyone She doesn't teach your child to sleep she is here to help and give you tools to understand how they need you along the way.

Thank you so much Karla your are an amazing Woman and such an inspiration