Suitable for ages 5mths to 6 years

Approx 1.5 to 2 hours

$25 per family

Get your friends together and bring your questions about all things baby related to your very own group session.


Topics like but not restricted to:

  • Sleep

  • Feeding

  • Eczema and allergy

  • Unsettled behaviours

  • Colic and reflux 

  • Developmental expectation 

  • Settling techniques 

  • Daytime naps 

  • Sensory nourishment

  • Mother self care

Get your questions answered and gain support from an educated, holistic and attachment focused practitioner, to find what's right for you and your baby.

Minimum of 6 mother/baby pairs required for booking....

Put the jug on and bring your list of questions.

"Karla has been an absolute blessing! Helping us to understand what is going on with our now 11 month old boy. He was waking every 1.5-2 hours overnight screaming. In the past 10 days we have gone from 6+ wakes a night to him waking 2-3 times. All while following our boys lead and responding to his needs in a loving and nurturing way.

Thank you Karla."

Amanda, Andrew & Oliver