Suitable for ages 4mths to 6 years old

Package Includes:

Six hours of home visits &/or recorded zoom calls

Six weeks unlimited messenger/email support

Weekly phone calls 



- Before our meeting you will complete a questionnaire of your journey thus far with your baby, as well as a three day sleep/food diary so I can gain a more holistic understanding of your experience and family dynamics

- Up to six hours of hands on support and education either via home visit(s) and/or recorded zoom  call(s)

- Six weeks unlimited digital support via email and messenger 

- Mutually agreed upon comprehensive summary (email) of our approach after every visit or video call

- Throughout the six weeks there is ample time for questions and adjustments to agreed approaches 

If you choose to purchase this sleep package, you will receive an email from me with the next step (please check your spam folder).

$895 or 6 weekly interest free payments from $149.17 with              What's this?

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Baby Sleeping

If you are looking for a superior one on one service where you are guided and empowered in working towards gentle sleep solutions, that will give your family better quality restorative sleep, with a generous six weeks of unlimited access to me, then this is the package for you. 


You will be reassured and coached every step of the way, by a qualified professional, who is not only knowledgeable in infant/child sleep science but who is also a currently practicing Child Health and Development Registered Nurse.  All support offered to you and your baby/child will be age-appropriate, realistic, gentle, responsive and attachment focused. Never any "Cry It Out" strategies or any approach that does not meet the emotional and physical needs of your baby/child. Your family values, wellbeing and lifestyle are always incorporated in your bespoke plan, to achieve the most sustainable outcome.

With six weeks support this gives both you and your baby ample time to adjust to any gentle changes we make. With unlimited digital support and phone calls, you will never be left to feel "what do I do now?" We will formulate a bespoke plan that everyone is happy with, that will build on your confidence when working through your sleep issues. 

As a lactation consultant, the care Karla provide's is a world apart from the cookie cutter advice from “sleep consultants”.

The Nurturing touch approach protects the dyad nature of the parent/child bond. It is respectful of parents’ needs as well as the child’s development. 

And for breastfeeding mothers, the Nurturing Touch approach is particularly vital. So much of the standard sleep consultant advice leads to poor weight gain, drop in milk production, mastitis, and a host of other feeding issues. But most parents won’t make a connection between these “lactation failures” and the faulty sleep advice. Thank you, Karla, for bringing evidence-based sleep support and education to New Zealand! We’re lucky to have your voice.

TLC Theresa Lactation Consultant, Auckland