Suitable for ages Birth to 6 years

2wks extension 

1 30min phone call

2 wks email support


4wks extension 

2 30min phone calls

4wks digital support


For current clients to extend their support a little longer.

To be used within eight weeks of current support.

Includes email and messenger support.

Family in the Kitchen

Highly recommend Karla! When my daughter’s sleep was driving us to breaking point I scoured the internet for sleep coach options and went back and forth over whether to contact someone for help. Finally I contacted Karla based on a recommendation. She came to observe a bedtime routine with us and was friendly, understanding and non-judgemental. She asked questions to get a holistic picture of what was going on for our LO and got a sense of her temperament. She immediately gave us some simple adjustments to our routine which we’ve applied ever since. She also uncovered anxieties I had about cosleeping and was able to help me find simple ways to make this safer so that my quality of sleep has been better since her visit. If you’re on the fence about contacting Karla - go for it. Her gentle sleep support is a game changer.